The Buffett Effect – “Smart” Investing Principles That Led to 444% Growth in a Trillion Dollar Sector

  • Last year e-commerce hit 1 trillion dollars for the first time in history. 
  • However  as a whole, e-commerce growth has slowed and even titan Amazon has laid off 27,000 employees so far in 2023. 
  • One company is still growing at a breakneck pace by helping high-margin companies with proven brands scale and increase profitability. 
  • Get to know Upexi now, before Wall Street takes note.

– Staff at Wall Street Fundamentals

Value investing isn’t always exciting, but it tends to work… Just ask Warren Buffett…

Widely regarded as the most successful investor of the 20th century, he buys stock in companies that are undervalued but have strong fundamentals, strong management, competitive advantages, and potential for long-term growth.

A sound strategy for investing, especially in turbulent markets, but as it turns out it’s also a killer business strategy for one company in the e-commerce space.

While the giants are shrinking (even Amazon layed off 27,000 so far in 2023) this company saw a whopping 444% year-over-year growth in revenue last year… and that’s just the start.

Meet the powerhouse, Upexi (UPXI) with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) over the last 3 years of a staggering 92% — 4.1x that of Amazon!  

Upexi, a market-leading e-commerce brand owner and aggregator, has been quietly buying up established companies on the brink of becoming massively profitable.

While Wall Street flounders and brands are cutting costs left and right to try and preserve value,  Upexi (UPXI) is aggressively growing and looking to double its size year over year! 

The model: find stand-out businesses in growing sectors with talented leadership and upside potential. Improve operations, new product offerings, cutting-edge advertising and distribution to quickly scale revenue and increase profitability

This “simple”, “familiar” model you’ll learn more about has proven itself in a big way. In a three-year basis, e-commerce CAGR as a whole has experienced  21.9% growth, yet Upexi’s CAGR is a staggering 92%! 

With this kind of growth during these uncertain economic times, imagine what they can do with a good market!

That’s why now is the time to give UPEXI  (UPXI) a serious look.

So, while e-commerce is in the midst of a unsettled time, Upexi has experienced record growth creating the perfect scenario for investors. Market sentiment has allowed a company with outstanding fundamentals to fly under the radar of Wall Street. 

Unlocking Potential in High-Growth, Recession-Proof Arenas

A strong business doesn’t have to be a complicated one, just ask Starbucks, a bulletproof process and experience is nearly as important as the quality product they sell. 

It all starts with strategically hand-picked businesses with great margins, customer data, and more importantly, primed for growth. Here are a few of the rapidly-growing diverse industries they are in: 

Health and wellness: The global health and wellness market was valued at $4,886.70 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach over USD 7,656.7 billion by 2030.

Toys and games market: Valued at $291.72 billion in 2021, this market is anticipated to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.7% from 2022 to 2030.

Pets: The global pet industry is expected to reach $325.74 billion in 2028 up from a value of $222.93 billion in 2021: Image is old 2018, we need a newer one if we use it:

See the Current Upexi Brands – Link to Quote Page

Powerful Partners and Giant Distribution

So, Upexi has the right products, in the right markets, but how about getting them to consumers? Through strategic relationships with Microsoft, Lenovo, and Apple, and distribution through the giants Amazon and Walmart they also have the partners and mediums to get them to consumers!

Now is the time to do your research and take a hard look at Upexi(UPXI) before it could potentially become one of the top 21st-century investments.

Upexi is laser-focused on high-growth, high-margin, recession-resistant companies with rich consumer information. While there are obvious benefits they’ve also figured out one of the biggest commodities in today’s digital economy: data.  

Aggregating buyers across similar industries allows them to efficiently cross-sell existing buyers with in-house advertising. Simply put, Upexi can introduce its growing audience of loyal buyers to its other products for little to no cost — multiplying profits!

In a data-driven economy, knowing what to do with loads of buyer information and trends is a huge differentiator and very profitable.

Upexi takes advertising a step further with its own SaaS programmatic advertising platform. In addition to fueling growth and partnerships with large outside financial publishers, it allows Upexi to cost-effectively jumpstart product launches of its own. 

Having cutting-edge advertising technology is yet another strategic asset in this well-rounded portfolio.

Making the most of Amazon’s almost $600 billion a year of returns. 

The digital economy has created a boom of products and small brands, as it grows so do the product returns. You probably could have guessed that Upexi knows exactly how to capitalize on this. In addition to its direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands and ad platform. Upexi also owns 2 brand liquidation companies. This allows them to clean up on the other end of the buyer cycle and creates yet another revenue source for the company.  

Upexi (UPXI) is just getting started and begs immediate research – don’t wait until they are a household name.

The man behind Upexi: Allan Marshall – Chief Executive Officer, Director

While Marshall doesn’t have household name recognition…yet, he’s certainly a well-known figure in the transportation and logistics world, and for good reason. In 2000 he founded Segmentz, Inc, a logistics company. While serving as the Chief Executive Officer he successfully acquired five distinct companies and raised more than $25 million in capital. Ultimately this created the infrastructure and business foundation that is now XPO Logistics, Inc. with revenues in excess of $17 billion. 

If Upexi is an expertly engineered race car, Marshall would be the perfect veteran driver for it. (or other transportation analogy)  

Check out UPXI (UPXI) now, before the market catches on.

A proven leader with an impressive background in transportation and logistics lends itself well to having in-house distribution & logistics. With 4 distribution centers and 2 more on the way, they have the necessary distribution and warehousing for shipping all of its in-house brands further lowering costs and increasing profit margins. 

Upexi is also well on its way to offering a full-scale 3rd Party Logistics solution for clients.

Creating Value by Expanding Opportunity

The potential is undeniable – streamlining typical costly burdens like accounting, marketing, logistics, tech, and distribution can be difficult for small/medium-sized businesses. While Upexi steps in to consolidate these functions under its umbrella, it also aims to retain the current leadership of the companies it buys. Keeping the business founders in positions to keep doing what they do best and leaving the growth to the Upexi professionals is a win-win. 

Those who know best believe in the process is clearly reflected in the high inside ownership, at 45.88%. This represents remarkable optimism for the company’s future growth. 

Not only is this company growing at a rapid rate while the giants are laying off staff but it’s taking the founders and staff with them as stockholders! 

There’s a Good Reason why Company Insiders are Loading Up!

While big tech and e-commerce companies are lowering projections and tempering expectations, Upexi is continuing to scale, build and refine its diverse portfolio of promising brands that will help move towards its $100M revenue goal in 2023!

7 Reasons Why Investors Should Pay Attention to UPEXI: 

  1. Diversification: Multiple brands that span growing, high-profit, recession-proof industries.
  2. Reach: In-house SaaS advertising platform with patent pending technology. 
  3. A to Z: Brand liquidation companies to capitalize on returns and excess inventory.
  4. Shipping: In-house distribution and logistics across the US primed for 3rd Party Logistics (3PL).
  5. Pride: Retains passionate founders of these American companies as they scale.
  6. Management: CEO previously started a company that went on to surpass $17 billion.
  7. On pace for 100M in revenue in 2023 with just a 76M market cap as of writing this.

It’s a great time to start doing your research about Upexi while this company is is still affordable, trading at just a few dollars as of April 2023. This company, quietly raking in multi-millions, seems bound to show up on Wall Street’s radar soon. 

While investing in UPXI looks to have the potential for higher rewards than other larger companies, it also comes with higher risk. And, of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results.

We always encourage your own due diligence and as always, never invest more than you can afford to lose.

  • Wall Street Fundamentals Team

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